For the past 20 years The Paddling Puppeteers have been touring Canada with their nature and history based musical puppet shows. In the early years the show was packed into a “Wiigwaas-Jiimaan” Ojibway style birch bark canoe and we traveled from show to show along the waterways of Ontario.


“Honest Frankie the Frog’s Shoreline Review” has been a popular show ever since, a show all about the natural and cultural history of Ontario waterways with a message of nature stewardship. More recently our light hearted and humorous show “Plugging into Nature” is all about turning off the screen and getting outside to connect with nature and to promote mental and physical wellness. Our latest show “The Great Geo-Story” travels back in time featuring creatures from millions of years ago including the ever popular Wolly Mammoth!

All of the shows are full of original sing-a-long songs, colourful puppets, string stories and more! After 20 years of performing at folk festivals, schools, libraries, museums, First Nations communities and provincial and national parks we feel like we are just getting started and can’t wait for our next show! We also offer puppet making, soap stone carving and nature game workshops and can even provide trees from our tree nursery as a “hands on” way to help care for our home the earth.

We look forward to hearing from you to help make your event fun and green!


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Wow, what a country!


Glen and Phil tune up their guitar and banjo, unzip a bag of instruments, puppets and costumes, and sing you across Canada with a host of original songs and tunes.

Plugging into nature


Edward loves his screen time. One sunny day his Dad sends him outside for some fresh air. Edward is amazed at all the creatures he meets and how great he feels getting fresh air and exercise. Now Edward loves to plug into his screen but also the great outdoors!

honest frankie's shoreline review


This musical and interactive show will take the audience on a ride through the history of Ontario’s waterways. A first nations character along with a voyageur, lumberjack, a cottage developer and a host of critters will be sure to save the shoreline for future generations!

More educational entertainment

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Let Glen teach other fun activities such as puppet making, soap stone carving and nature game workshops. He can even provide trees from his tree nursery as a “hands on” way to help care for our home the earth.

The Great Geo Story


What happened in Ontario 2 billions years ago, 80 millions years ago, or 500 years ago? This musical show will take you back in time to many “geological era’s.”  You will meet many creatures from long ago who’s fossils we find today! You will meet a host of very interesting puppet creatures including a Dinosaur and Wolly Mammoth!

This magical journey through time will teach us that we are a small part of the long and exciting story of our home planet earth and that we can all play a positive part and a leading role in this wonderful story!

CAMPFIRE CLassics with glen


Join Glen as he performs a variety of action songs, sign-a-long songs and rounds. He will tell a few stories and a few dancing puppets will amaze you with their talent.

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