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Phil and Glen offer a variety of live shows, artistically tailored to your audience. Paddling Puppeteers is the place to find info on great children’s entertainment. The Bill Bailey’s is the place to find info on their excellent senior’s shows. And Lagan & Derelict is the place to find information on their awesome East Coast and modern music show.


Phil & Glen have been performing together for over 20 years. What is it that they have been doing for all of these years? Well, just about anything and everything you can think of. Kids Shows, Senior’s Homes, Museums, Libraries, Bars & Restaurants, Major Outdoor Festivals, Provincial Parks, Conservation Areas & Special Events for Cities & Towns all over Ontario. This is just a partial list of the many events they’ve covered as this dynamic duo. And because they perform to all age groups and different demographics, it’s kept them quite busy over the past twenty plus years of sharing the stage together.


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